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Varmala or Jaimala symbolizes a new journey for the Girls and the groom where both promise to be together in every walk of life. Garland complements the wedding outfits of the couple thus picking that perfect wedding garland is really essential. But due to a large variety in flowers, picking the right garland can get a little confusing. Here are some excellent tips to find the right Varmala for your wedding. While choosing your garland, always keep the season in mind. Though some flowers are evergreen, yet every flower is not available throughout the season. If you prefer orchids or special roses then you need to plan ahead and order. Ask your vendor or the florist about the flowers that are used to make garlands during that season. Marigold and roses are most common flowers that are available through all seasons. However, you can add exotic flowers to your garland, for instance lily and orchids for your winter wedding or dahlia and iris for a summer affair. Colors to complement your wedding.